June 4, 2011

Supply Drum Weather-proof Secondary Containment Covers

Our Supply Drum Weather-proof Secondary Containment Covers are another example of Exploration Tents coming up with solutions to the evolving requirements of the Exploration and Outfitting companies and the various Regulating Bodies, our secondary/spill containment products have set the industry standard for many years for containment berm strength, durability and overall performance of our Field-Tested designs and products.

  BEFORE (this was good then).

Acceptable in the past

  NOW (more photos below)

According to current regulation

Direct quote from; Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) land use permit regulations;

The Permittee shall ensure that fuel storage containers are not located below, or within thirty (30) meters of the ordinary high water mark of any body of water. Further, secondary containment such as self supporting insta-berms shall be used when storing barrel fuel on location, rather than relying on natural depressions. Fuel storage containers in excess of 4,000 liters capacity shall either be double-walled, self bermed construction, or diked with adequate emergency storage capacity. An impermeable liner shall be used to ensure that no fuel escapes. The Permittee shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent the possibility of migration of spilled petroleum fuel or chemicals over the ground surface.

Similar regulations apply in all the Provinces of Canada.

Our record of successful bermed fuel/chemical storage installations encompassing a variety of harsh liquids has given our secondary drum containment berms and storage drum covers a recognized position of leadership in this very specialized field, including many types of applications including tailing pond liners, secondary fuel and chemical containment, drum storage berms, indoor and outdoor fuel/petroleum products/hazardous chemical storage and portable compact berms.

Our Supply drum secondary containment system consists of a heavy duty spill tray and a full 12 oz. woven –poly cover that allows accessibility to your supply drum, as it needs to be serviced quickly and easily on a continuous basis by camp personnel as well as be waterproof to meet the current INAC requirements.

Our basic technology, manufacturing processes and fabrication systems meet our industry’s most stringent performance demands. Our membranes are highly resistant and non-degradable with extreme puncture and tear resistance, as well as dimensional stability under high loads and temperature fluctuations. More often than not, we deliver levels of performance that far exceed specified INAC requirements and industry regulations for fuel handling containment.

Field-proven installation techniques are the result of combining long experience in supplying high-performance membranes with the experience of some of the best engineers, contractors and installation experts in the world for our customers.

Note: All fuel/chemical containment pictures are all taken on our yearly expeditions to various sites and operations in Northern Canada.

fueltank inside the drum cover     

Our Supply drum covers are made from Heavy Duty 12 oz. woven poly-fiber.


Environment regulation compliant secondary containment Storage Drum covers.

Cover price $335.00 CDN
Tray price $289.00 CDN
Stand price $100.00   CDN
Total price $725.00 CDN per kit.

Note;  We can supply the plywood and 2×4 drum stand as above “The Full Deal” kit. but it may be more economical to fabricate them on site. 

The stands are simply built with half a sheet of 5\8″ plywood and and 1  8’ foot 2″x 4″ … material list, cutting and assembly instructions available on request.

Containment berm covers, used in Canada.


* Our fuel containment berm covers are made from heavy duty 12oz tear and puncture resistant vinyl.
* They are heat-welded at the corners and seams for Leak-proof containment.

 Note: Prices do not include G.S.T. Prices subject to change at any time.