November 10, 2010

Core Box Covers

When your Company/Investors spend millions of dollars each year diamond drilling and analyzing core samples it only makes sense to store them in such a manner as to preserve the “boxes and the samples in them” for as long as possible.

Strong level footing and durable covering will extend the useful life of your samples for many years.

Core Box Covers in practice


Protection from contamination and deterioration of the valuable original sample is provided  by these Heavy-Duty 12 oz woven-poly covers that guard against direct sunlight as well as water damage by rain and snow melt year after year. Velcro corner openings and draw-strings on the bottom of the cover make it easy to install and remove the covers as needed.


Custom Core Storage Covers


We custom make these  Core Storage Covers in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the different size piles of core boxes being protected. Pictured here are 62” x 62” 2ft, 3 ft, and 4 ft high covers over 3 slot NQ core boxes.